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Guidelines for Scientific Papers

Technical requirements for texts

Bibliographical style guide


Surname, First name of author: Title, place and year, pages.


Gellner, Ernest: Thought and Change. Chicago 1965, p.3-5.


Bor’ba za pobedu sovetskoj vlasti v Azerbajdžane 1918-1920. Dokumenty i materialy. Baku 1967.

Contributions from anthologies/readers:

Dragadze, Tamara: Soviet Economics and Nationalism in the Gorbatchev Years. Regionalism, Ethnicised Regionalism and Constitutional Regionalism. In: Buttino, Marco: In a Collapsing Empire. Milano 1993, S. 73-81.

Contributions from journals:

Bennigsen, Alexandre: Panturkism and Panislamism in History and Today. In: CAS, 3 (1984) 3, S. 39-49.


Balayev, Aydin : Rules of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party 1988-1991. In: www.axcp.az/html/body_about.html. (data vysova).

Text length

Guidelines for formal text layout of book reviews

Please check before submitting your review that the following formal criteria have been met. Your text may otherwise be sent back to you along with a request for improvement before any detailed editorial checking can be done.


The length of the review should not exceed 1,000-1,200 words, or 8,000-10,000 characters (including annotations). In the case of longer contributions we reserve the right to shorten or, in extreme cases, refuse to review your work altogether. We suggest a length of between 1,800 and 2,000 words for multi-book reviews of two books; between 2,000 and 2,500 words if three books are reviewed.

You can improve the legibility of your text on the screen by deploying shorter sentences and using paragraphs to structure the content. Please separate paragraphs with an additional paragraph mark.

Bibliographical information

The bibliographical information at the head of each review should contain the following: author (or publisher, if applicable), title, subtitle, series and volume number, place, publisher, year, length, ISBN, price.

Information about the reviewer

The lines containing author information should mention, alongside your name (without academic title) and email address, where possible the institution you are affiliated with, or place of residence where applicable.

Example (fictitious): Maya Maza, History Faculty, University of Tbilisi, email: mmaza@uni-tbilisi.ge

or: Mamed Unsi, Berlin, email: mamed.unsi@mail.ru

Certain information about the contributor is necessary in order to help the editorial board stay in touch. Recording of this information will be exclusively carried out by the editorial board. Data collected will not be made public.

Registration as an author is possible by providing the following details:

Surname, first name, academic qualification, subject area, place of residence.


Material may be submitted in Russian, German or English. In the event that the original text is in another language, it should be submitted in this form, as it will be made available as a pdf document accompanying the main contribution.

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